Das ist dein Doktor
who the hell is eggsy

Gary, Mark and Howard wrote their page while on tour recently and spent hours pondering over their characters – three ducks part of a group called Quack That. (x)

“Well, you don’t see that every day,” said a shrill voice above the hushed crowd. It was Gary, one of the three ducks from a group called Quack That, who has been sunning themselves on a nearby riverbank. They were known as the quiz champions of the forest.

“What’s that then?” quacked Howard ruffling his feathers. “Don’t look up,” said Gary mischievously. “Let’s make it a game!” “Brilliant idea,” quacked Mark and Howard in unison. They loved a quiz!

“Is it a big metal flying object with loads of humans flying through the sky?” asked Howard. “No, as if,” laughed Gary. “Is it a big metal object with loads of humans inside driving through the grass?” asked Mark. “No! You’re way off. What’s green, has two arms, two legs, dark hair and a huge green tail?” asked Gary.

Mark and Howard closed their eyes and thought really long and hard, and then as if by magic, said “Is it a half-girl, half-dinosaur called Fi-Rex riding on a lily pad with Harry from Pond Direction?” “How did you guess that?!” exclaimed Gary. “Because we’re the quiz champions!” and all three did a high-wing! “Quack That!”

“Oh dear, and it looks like they might need our help” said Gary.

@темы: Mark "Markie" Owen, Howard "Dougie" Donald, Gary "Gaz" Barlow