Das ist dein Doktor
“I'm not happy but I'm not unhappy about it.”

Gary, Mark and Howard wrote their page while on tour recently and spent hours pondering over their characters – three ducks part of a group called Quack That. (x)

“Well, you don’t see that every day,” said a shrill voice above the hushed crowd. It was Gary, one of the three ducks from a group called Quack That, who has been sunning themselves on a nearby riverbank. They were known as the quiz champions of the forest.

“What’s that then?” quacked Howard ruffling his feathers. “Don’t look up,” said Gary mischievously. “Let’s make it a game!” “Brilliant idea,” quacked Mark and Howard in unison. They loved a quiz!

“Is it a big metal flying object with loads of humans flying through the sky?” asked Howard. “No, as if,” laughed Gary. “Is it a big metal object with loads of humans inside driving through the grass?” asked Mark. “No! You’re way off. What’s green, has two arms, two legs, dark hair and a huge green tail?” asked Gary.

Mark and Howard closed their eyes and thought really long and hard, and then as if by magic, said “Is it a half-girl, half-dinosaur called Fi-Rex riding on a lily pad with Harry from Pond Direction?” “How did you guess that?!” exclaimed Gary. “Because we’re the quiz champions!” and all three did a high-wing! “Quack That!”

“Oh dear, and it looks like they might need our help” said Gary.

@темы: Mark "Markie" Owen, Howard "Dougie" Donald, Gary "Gaz" Barlow